Propeller Balancing

Among Monticello Aviation’s maintenance services, we offer dynamic propeller balancing using the Aces Pro systems.

Why you need propeller balancing?

An out-of-balance propeller manifests itself through excessive vibrations, especially at certain RPMs. Excessive vibrations not only make your ride less comfortable but can cause excessive wear and damage to engine components! Although we attribute vibrations to part of the piston engine aircraft experience, your airplane could potentially be running a lot smoother after a little balancing. We recommend Prop Balancing anytime after an engine or prop overhaul or if you suspect there is something off.

How do we balance your propeller?

Using the ACES PRO system, we measure and analyze vibrations at certain (cruise) RPMs. Based on the data, we counter these vibrations by correcting imbalances with counterweights. The whole process takes a few hours and results are noticeable right away!

Contact us to learn more about propeller balancing and schedule a time to get your’s checked!