CorrosionX | Aviation Rust Inhibitor.

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Our general aviation fleet isn’t getting any younger. The average age of GA aircraft in the US is close to 30! More than ever, our planes can benefit from corrosion treatment, inhibiting permanent damage and preventing costly repairs.

Even if you just fly your airplane on nice, warm days, humid air at ground level permeates every nook and cranny of your airplane. As you climb and the air  cools, this moist air is trapped and moisture condenses all over the insides of your aircraft structure. This, in turn, provides the catalyst for corrosion to begin.

How does CorrosionX inhibit rust?

Unlike waxy barrier coatings, which merely try (usually in vain) to keep moisture off of surfaces, CorrosionX works on a molecular level. Its excellent penetrating abilities initially serve to displace any moisture already present while it leaves an ultra thin dielectric film that disrupts the flow of electrons, necessary for oxidation to occur. CorrosionX forms a strong polar bond (similar to a magnet) with the metal to creep in all nooks and crannies. As its natural tendency is to bond with the metal, not very much product is needed, little is wasted, and no valuable weight is added to your airframe. If you are interested in learning more about CorrosionX’s functioning, we encourage you to read CorrosionX’s PDF brochure here.


CorrosionX is sprayed into your airframe with a variety of special tools to ensure reach. Following installation, a note will be placed in the customer’s logbook attesting to the treatment. We recommend CorrosionX treatment with each annual.

If you have any more questions or would like to request a quote, contact Brian in our full service FAA Certified Maintenance Department. We are located at the KMXO Airport, in-between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque in Eastern Iowa.