Charter Plane vs. Commercial Air

Air Charter


Your company, based in Cedar Rapids, IA,  is presenting at a sales meeting in Jamestown, ND on Monday morning at 9:00am. You just found out and you have 5 days to get there! Another associate will be joining you to make a total of two persons traveling to Jamestown.


618 miles, 9 hours. To be prepared for a Monday morning meeting, you will need to leave Cedar Rapids, IA, on Sunday, drive 9 hours, get a hotel room for you and your associate at $80 per night per person. Following your meeting, you can choose to drive back through the night, or stay at the hotel once again, and drive back on tuesday. Total Cost. 1200+ miles + $320 lodging + 3 days of your life.

Commercial Air:

Flying to Jamestown direct is pricey ($1300/person). You will still need to leave the day before so throw in the hotel room again. You will arrive back in Cedar Rapids around 11:00 pm, assuming you don’t miss one of three layovers! Best case: $2760 total + 2 days total.

You could fly to Fargo ($829/person) and rent a car from there ($129 for two days). You leave your family Sunday morning, arrive in Fargo, rent a car for two days, and book 2 hotel rooms. With any luck, you make it back to Cedar Rapids on Monday night, on the 10:35pm flight out of Chicago. Total cost: $1947 + 2 days total.

Both these scenarios neglect the possibility of delays, time wasted in airports, the hassles of security, checked luggage, the potential for losing luggage, etc. All prices were lowest available prices for Dec 22-24, obtained on Dec 19th.

Charter Air :

You meet up at Monticello Aviation Monday morning at 6:00am (or we come to the nearest airport to you). Two and half hours later, you are on the ground in Jamestown and, three hours after initial takeoff you’re at work, presenting! After lunch, you hop back on your personal charter plane, and you are back; you even have time to follow up with your customers before the end of the business day! Since the charter is a flat rate, instead of having just 1 other associate with you, you have room for 4-5 people total to join you at no additional cost. Total cost: $2285.68 + less than 1 working day!


Charter Flight Comparison

Consider not only the value of airfare, but the value of your time: Rather than 2-3 days of travel and lost productivity, your trip falls within business hours, you get to spend time with your family, and sleep in your own bed. Additionally, even though flying charter is slightly more expensive than the cheapest airfare to Fargo, you arrive closer to your destination. In fact, according to NASA, a vast majority of the US population is located within 20 miles of an airport serviceable by our air charter. All put together, air charter saves time and money!