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In the previous 30 years, the number of US airports offering scheduled air service has fallen from about 700 to somewhere around 500, a reduction of nearly 30 percent. Further reflecting the focused nature of airline service, less than 40 US airports account for more than 70 percent of all enplanements of airline passengers. Since 2007 the airlines have made a concerted effort to reduce flights between all hubs, especially at secondary and tertiary cities, in order to achieve higher load factors. Thus locating a scheduled flight to many locations where business opportunities exist is nigh-on impossible. Consequently, business persons are using automobiles to cover distances ranging up to several hundreds of miles. Source AOPA

Charter Flights are a safe, secure, and productive way to go about your travel. Regardless if you are flying for business or personal reasons, a charter flight gives you access to over 5000 public use airports in the United States, as compared to the 500 or so airports serviced by the major airlines. More than likely, a charter flight can get you much closer to your final destination, saving you time and money on the ground. Charter flights are on your schedule, eliminating idle, non-productive time at the airport.

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Charter Flight vs. Commercial Flights vs. Driving

Take a look at how chartering a plane can save you time and money in this scenario based example, flying from Cedar Rapids, IA (CID) to Jamestown North Dakota (JMS).

Monticello Aviation Air Charter Service

Air Charter

We fly our charter service in an all weather capable, twin-engined, Piper Seneca II. This plane seats up to 5 passengers in a comfortable club seating arrangement. We can get you to Chicaco Midway in a tad over an hour, St. Louis in an hour and 45 minutes, and Omaha in a little under 2 hours. Although the commercial jets fly faster, we do not waste your valuable time with airport and check in delays. We leave as soon as you are ready to go.

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